Tens of thousands are expected to attend the Put it to the People march in central London today. 

Protesters seeking a referendum on the final Brexit deal will once again descend on the capital after 700,000 people attended a similar march in October.

Organised by the People’s Vote, Britain for Europe and Open Britain, marchers will demand that the public be given a final say on the UK leaving the EU. 

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Starting on Park Lane near Marble Arch and Bond Street tube stations around midday, the march will finish up at Trafalgar Square.

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More coming in from Nigel Farage’s March to Leave event in Nottinghamshire. For reasons not altogether clear, he has screened footage of his campaigning efforts on behalf of Roy Moore – the Alabama Republican accused of sexual misconduct in 2017.


A reminder that over two hundred coaches from across the UK were booked to take people to London for today’s march. One coach left the Scottish Highlands on Friday evening.


Nigel Farage has been asked about the small numbers attending his pro-Brexit march.


Questioned this morning about the March to Leave supporters being outnumbered by the Put it to the People march, he pointed to the 200 plus cheering people gathered in a pub car park in Nottinghamshire and said: “There are 17.4 million here, can’t you see them?”

BBC Radio 4’s Today programme presenter Jim Naughtie has apologised for likening members of the ERG to France’s National Front.


Naughtie said in a statement: “I was wrong to say in a live discussion this morning that members of the ERG would be happy in a far-right party.


“That was not my intention, because I don’t believe it. I was trying to make the point that if our parties fracture in some way after Brexit – on right and left – we could see a political landscape emerge that looks more like the rest of Europe than it does at the moment. But my words were ill-chosen and I’m sorry for any offence caused.”

Delia Smith is urging as many people as possible to join today’s march in London. Writing for The Independent, she says “the world has shrunk” and describes the isolationism of Brexit as “madness”.


George Osborne has called for a long delay to the Brexit process.


“The best outcome now would be a long delay, and it’s not the worst thing in the world to ask people to vote for some MEPs, and certainly better than stockpiling medicine and turning Kent into a car park,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.


“So I think the best outcome is a long delay where we rethink how we deliver on the referendum result and we try and find a majority for a compromise Brexit agreement and possibly have a second referendum.”

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage has joined the March to Leave in Linby, Nottinghamshire, telling a whopping 200 Brexit supporters that Theresa May had reduced the nation “to a state of humiliation”.


The march started in Sunderland a week ago and organisers hope to arrive in London on March 29.


Speaking from the top of an open-top bus, Mr Farage said those gathering for the Put it to the People march in London were not the majority, before leading the crowds through the village.

Despite Tom Watson’s
supportive remarks, Labour’s official policy on a final say referendum has been somewhat confusing. The party’s Twitter team seems to have forgotten there’s a protest on.


Here’s what you need to know about the big march today. There’s a lot at stake.


Writing for The Independent, the London mayor says the prime minister should revoke Article 50 and give the British public a final say:


Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has a message for everyone taking part in today’s historic march.


People are travelling to the march from every corner of the UK this morning. A group of young people from Northern Ireland from the Our Future Our Choice group made an early start:


The big overnight news from Westminster is that Theresa May might not go ahead with a third vote on her Brexit deal next week if there is not enough support for it.


In a letter to MPs, the prime minister suggested she could seek an extension to Britain’s EU membership beyond the European Parliament elections if there is insufficient support for her Withdrawal Agreement.


Here’s Peter Stubley with more:



The petition to revoke Article 50 has passed the four million mark:


Some Bristol University students en route to London for the rally were kindly allowed to address fellow train passengers over the tannoy.


Writing for The Independent, Nicola Sturgeon says the SNP will try to help secure a longer extension to the Article 50 process “to allow time to put the issue back to voters”.



Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon is on her way to join the protest.


Heidi Allen, the former Conservative MP who joined the Independent Group last month, hopes today’s march will build on the momentum created by this week’s online petition to revoke Article 50 – which now has over three million signatures.


Today’s marchers will take heart from news Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson has backed a second referendum as a way of breaking the impasse at Westminster. 


“It can only begin to bring the country back together again if we all have a Final Say – and then live with the result,” he says.


Here’s Rob Merrick with more:


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