My colleague, Lizzy Buchan, has written a useful summary of the amendment’s tabled today to Theresa May’s Brexit agreement. We’ll know shortly before her statement which have been picked by the Commons Speaker, John Bercow.


No Labour frontbench


SNP frontbench (a)
Led by SNP’s Ian Blackford, it recognises that Scotland voted to Remain in the EU in 2016 and says it should be allowed to stay in the bloc.

The Independent Group (b)

This amendment, tabled by the newly-formed TIG MPs, says a chaotic Brexit poses “a significant danger” to the future of the UK. It argues for an extension to article 50 and a second referendum by September 30.


Liberal Democrats (c, d, e, f)
Sir Vince Cable has put down four amendments – one to revoke article 50 if it has not been extended by March 29, one to hold a second referendum, one to make Brexit a priority in the Commons, and a final amendment to create a £7.5bn fund to mitigate Brexit-related job losses.


Geraint Davies (g)
Tabled by Labour backbencher Mr Davies, and backed by a handful of Labour, Lib Dem and Plaid MPs, this amendment would require Ms May to seek an extension to negotiations and would secure parliamentary time for his private member’s bill paving the way for a second referendum


Angus Brendan MacNeil and cross-party MPs (h)
The SNP’s Mr MacNeil’s amendment requires Ms May by March 29 to withdraw the UK’s notice of intention to leave the EU. It is backed by europhile MPs including Conservative grandee Kenneth Clarke, Labour’s Keith Vaz and Plaid Cymru Westminster leader Liz Saville Roberts.


Also Angus MacNeil (j)
It would require ministers to authorise another Scottish independence referendum.


Plaid Cymru (i)
This amendment would require Article 50 to be extended to 2021 – or until a future relationship with the EU has been negotiated – with a referendum at the end of that period with Remain on the ballot paper.

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