A mother and child fell onto a Tube track moments before a train arrived — only to escape by ducking underneath it. 

The woman was walking along the platform at Baker Street Underground Station on Friday evening with her child in a buggy, according to British Transport Police. 

She was looking up and did not realise where she was on the platform. 

She accidentally pushed the wheels of the buggy over the edge and fell onto the tracks below, along with her young child. 

The child’s father leapt onto the track to help but a train was rapidly approaching.

The family survived by jumping into a pit under the track as the train passed over them. 

“Amazingly, none of them were seriously hurt,” a spokesperson for British Transport Police said. 

One commuter who saw the fall took to Twitter to express her relief that the family were safe. 

“Thankfully all unharmed,” she wrote. 

“The driver is also ok and he did a superb job, along with a chap from the depot that was on his way to work.”

The family were taken to hospital as a precaution. 

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