Why get into Modern pentathlon? The chance to fence, swim, ride a horse, run and shoot – all in one sport!

Who is it for? The sport welcomes people of all backgrounds and abilities.

Is there a cheap option? There is so much involved in this sport that it can look expensive, but the equipment is readily available at clubs so you don’t have to own it all.

What if I want a proper workout? Every part of your body will be put through its paces! You’ll need stamina, fitness and mental strength to go from one activity to the next.

Can I take it to another level? This activity is competitive by nature, so the more you put in the more successful you will be in tournaments.

Is there a disability option? Modern pentathlon is on a journey to becoming a Paralympic sport and in 2015, the first ever para-pentathlon test event took place in Argentina.

Is there a family option? Each discipline can easily be explored as a family and you can build up to the whole event together!

So how do I take part? Go to our club finder page to to find modern pentathlon activities near you.

Copyright: UIPM / Nuno Gonçalves

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